So did your mother or your grandmother ever tell you this?  I remember once when I was being a typical petulant little boy (I know all of you who know me are saying:  “Steve, you a petulant little boy, how can that be?”)  Anyway, back to the point of this post.  I remember once when I was being a typical petulant little boy I wished out loud that I was grown up so I didn’t have to listen to my mother anymore. I remember my mom saying “Be careful what you wish for.” Of course I had no idea what she was talking about. After all I must have been only about seven or eight years old.  All of this happened yesterday (at least it seems that way) and now, in the blink of an eye I’m . . . well I’m not seven or eight anymore, let’s put it that way.

I wonder if the Colorado Legislature is feeling like this today.  You see Colorado has an adjustable minimum wage. According to the Associated Press:  “Colorado voters approved an adjustable minimum wage in 2006. Supporters of that amendment said they did not intend for wages to fall, but the provision allowing it to fall was crucial to its passage. They have pointed out employers of the estimated 50,000 to 70,000 Coloradans making minimum wage are free to leave wages flat.” 

I am sure that when they passed this bill the people lobbying for it never dreamed that the minimum wage might fall.  What they wanted of course was a minimum wage linked to inflation so that the minimum wage could rise every year without the legislature or the people of the state having to vote on the increase.  Opps.

But instead, the consumer price index, which is the indicator for raising the minimum wage in Colorado, fell. Now because of this drop in the consumer price index the working poor in Colorado, those 50,000 to 70,000 people making the minimum wage might loose money. 

Now it is not a lot of money, the minimum wage will drop in Colorado from $7.28 per hour to $7.24 per hour, a loss of 4 cents per hour.  But, because the federal minimum wage is $7.25 most people will only loose 3 cents an hour.  To most of us that may not seem like a bunch, after all if you work 40 hours a week you are only loosing $1.20 a week.  But over the course of the year that’s $62.40 and when you make minimum wage, that is a lot of money.  

So?  Be careful what you wish for.  Either that or work for the passage of a better bill.

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Oh by the way, I’m not eight years old anymore and I still have to do what my mother tells me to do . . . and my kids think that is just hilarious.