Seriously, how much do you really like french fries?  Now we all know that french fries are not the best food in the world for us.  In fact, the government (I’m not sure which one, could be state, could be federal, could be the local school board) has determined that they are so bad for kids that they have taken real french fries out of my kid’s high school cafeteria.  I’m not kidding; they have so called “baked” fries, but not real french fries.  You know what I mean when I say real french fries, right?  I’m talking about the deep fried, salt covered yummy goodness that has so much fat on it you can feel your arteries starting to harden with the first bite!!!!!  Man, I’m making myself hungry.  Of course, despite all that fatty goodness, no one can seriously question how bad these things are for you, can they?  In fact, has an article that explains why you should NEVER let your kids eat french fries.  You can see the article at  Seems fries have “bad fat”, “bad carbs” and expose you to “carcinogens!”  Wow.  Who knew?

Well your friendly neighborhood federal government knew that’s who.  It seems Congress has also apparently discovered that french fries are bad for you.  In fact, buried deep in the brand new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act , way way down on page 900 and something, is a 10% excise tax on. . drum roll please. . yes, french fries.

The Act states:


(a) IN GENERAL.—The provisions of, and amendments made by, section 9017 of this Act are hereby deemed null, void, and of no effect.

(b) EXCISE TAX ON FRENCH FRIES.—Subtitle D of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended by this Act, is amended by adding at the end the following new chapter:


‘‘Sec. 5000B. Imposition of tax on French Fries.


‘‘(a) IN GENERAL.—There is hereby imposed on any business that sells French Fries a tax equal to 10 percent of the amount paid by the consumer for the French Fries (determined without regard to this section).

Ok, ok, ok, STOP THE PRESSES, you caught me, the Act does NOT really impose a tax on french fries but I had you going for a second didn’t I?  Come on, admit it.

Instead, it puts a tax on “Indoor Tanning Services.”  That’s right, the health care reform act taxes tanning services and you can basically take french fries out of the section above and put in Indoor Tanning Services.  Not the kind you get at the beach (although I am sure that if they could have figured out a way to do that they would have) but the kind you get at the salon.  So what you say, indoor tanning is bad for you, it causes skin cancer.  And it just might, but then again, french fries are bad for you too. So, what is the lesson in this little fable?   No, it is not that I am losing my mind.  It is stop listing to what the people on TV are telling you and Go read the Act and in the mean time, we will try to keep you up to speed on some of the other stuff in it.  Despite my little joke, you can trust us to get it right way more than the people you see on TV.  In fact, we are doing a webinar on the new Patient Protection Act and what it means for your health plan on April 21, check out our website at for details.  In the meantime you can hope that you are not in some business that the next Congress decides is bad for people.