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Thanks for everything Ernie!

I have loved baseball my entire life and still do. When I was a little kid we didn’t have 500 TV channels.  So if you wanted to hear the game, and I mean hear the game, not see the game, you couldn’t see the game, it wasn’t on TV, you listened on the radio.  Some little transistor thing with a big antenna that pulled out of the top.  I’m a Tigers Fan, and if you were a Tigers fan, when you listened to the game on the radio, the voice you heard was Ernie Harwell’s.

I remember like it was yesterday.  A hot summer night with a breeze blowing in my window.   The Tigers are on a west coast road trip.  I’m in bed, because I couldn’t stay up that late.  So I tucked that transistor radio under my pillow with the volume just loud enough so I could hear Ernie call the game but not loud enough for my mom to hear.  Ernie with that smooth delivery and all the catch phrases.  I feel asleep on a lot of summer nights listening to:  “He’s called out for excessive window shopping” or “He stood there like the house on the side of the road.” 

Ernie seemed to know everyone at Tiger stadium.  I was always amazed that whenever a ball was fouled off into the stands Ernie seemed to know where the guy who caught it was from.  “And that one was grabbed by a gentleman from Wixom.”

There have been a lot of great baseball announcers over the years, but for me, the voice of the game has always been Ernie’s.

So long Ernie, and Thanks for everything.