That’s an odd thing to write, wouldn’t you agree? After all, a big part of what I do is write and if people don’t believe what I write, then I’m in a bit of trouble. Anyway, I was surfing some “social networking” sites today (I’m not going to tell you which one, but it was a primarily business-related site that lets people make connections with others and form groups) and I ran across a link that took me to an article that made me think of this little saying. I don’t know whose quote this is, but my mom tells me, over and over again, (you’ve got a mom so you know what I’m talking about when I say over and over again, right?) that this saying is something my grandfather often said. (I was pretty young when my grandfather passed away so I didn’t get the benefit of his wisdom, so I’m just going to have to take my mom’s word for it.) Anyway, she claims my grandfather used to say: “Don’t believe anything you read and only half of what you see.”  Makes you think that my grandfather grew up reading today’s papers doesn’t it?  But no, my grandfather was born in 1896.

Back to the point. I was surfing through some groups on this social networking site and came across a “discussion” in an HR group and that discussion linked to a blog that is supposedly aimed at those over 40 looking for a job. This particular blog post dealt with “age discrimination” and it asked what do you do if you are in an interview and someone asks you how old you are? The author said your normal response would be to say that the question is illegal and then he wrote “AND YOU WOULD BE WRONG.” 

That’s when I stopped reading. Could this dude seriously be telling us that it is okay for you to ask someone how old they are in a job interview? That’s the way I read it.  And if I’m right, well you know what’s next, he is WRONG!!!!!

Now let’s guess who is really wrong, Me, or the guy who wrote the post in the HR group (ok, I know you know the answer to this question to, don’t you?). It was that dude, not me who is wrong, I’m never wrong (well, almost never). You don’t believe me? Let’s look at the Michigan Pre-Employment Inquiry Guide. Under the subject “Age” and the heading “Unlawful Pre-Employment Inquiries” the guide says “Applicant’s age or date of birth.”  So, just in case you didn’t already know this or you also happened to read the same blog I did, YOU CAN’T ASK SOMEONE HOW OLD THEY ARE IN A JOB INTERVIEW!!!!!

I know, I know, that information is written too, so why should I believe that? How about because the people at the MDCR, the ones fielding the complaints filed by applicants who are being asked how old they are, will believe it. 

looks like my grandfather was right after all.