The President spoke to the Executive Council Meeting of the AFL-CIO today.  The speech was what one would expect when the President talks to a room full of union representatives.  He said things like, we have made progress but we still have a long way to go.   The President stated that he intended to build an “Economy that works for everybody not just a privileged few.”  In the middle of the speech and somewhat in passing, the President stated that he intended to continue to “fight to pass the Employee Free Choice Act.”  And in answer to the one question that the President took, the President quoted FDR saying “If I was a worker in a factory and I wanted to improve my life, I would join a union.”  In short the President reaffirmed to the very sympathetic crowd that he intended to continue to use his executive powers to do such things as appoint members of Administrative Agencies like the NLRB and implement executive orders, and his influence with Congress to promote a pro labor agenda.   

I’m not a reporter so I am not going to try to report exactly what the President said.  If you would like, you can read the text of his speech at     In the mean time, we will keep an eye on the EFCA.