Want to File a Complaint Against your Employer with the DOL? There is an app for that.

Think the DOL is not serious about making sure that employees have all the “tools” they need to file a wage/hour complaint against you?  Think again.  The United States Department of Labor announced yesterday that it has produced a free “app” that will “help ensure workers receive all wages earned.”  The application, which is available in both English and Spanish and is currently compatible only with the iPhone and iPod Touch (DOL is working on apps for other platforms like Blackberry) will allow workers to track “regular work hours, break time and any overtime hours for one or more employers.”  The “app” also contains a “Glossary, contact information and materials about wage laws that are easily accessible through links to the Web pages of the department’s Wage and Hour Division.”

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, commenting on the new “app,” stated:  “I am pleased that my department is able to leverage increasingly popular and available technology to ensure that workers receive the wages to which they are entitled . . . . This app will help empower workers to understand and stand up for their rights when employers have denied their hard-earned pay.”

Don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch?  That’s okay, the DOL is also providing printable work calendars in both English and Spanish to “track rate of pay, work start and stop times, and arrival and departure times.”  The calendar also includes easy-to-understand information about workers’ rights and how to file a wage violation complaint.

You can see the press release at  http://www.dol.gov/opa/media/press/whd/WHD20110686.htm.

Want to download the app and see what it looks like yourself?  Find it at http://www.dol.gov/whd.

Want to talk to someone about wage/hour compliance issues?  We don’t have an app for that, but we can help.