At Zo’s we also have a Social Security Number privacy policy. Why?  Because Zo’s is based in Michigan and in Michigan we have to have a Social Security number privacy policy law. So here is what the policy says:


Zo’s understands the importance of protecting the confidentiality of its employees’ Social Security numbers and those collected in the ordinary course of Zo’s business. Neither Zo’s nor any of its employees will unlawfully disclose Social Security numbers obtained during the ordinary course of business. Zo’s will limit access to information or documents containing Social Security numbers to those employees who need the information to do their jobs.

 In addition, Zo’s will shield Social Security numbers displayed on computer monitors or printed documents from being easily viewed by others. Unless required to do so, Zo’s will not use Social Security numbers as personal identifiers, permit numbers, license numbers, or primary account numbers or other similar uses

 Zo’s may use a Social Security number to perform an administrative duty related to employment, including, for example, to verify the identity of an individual; to detect or prevent identity theft; to investigate claims; to perform a credit check, criminal background check or driving history check; to enforce legal rights; or to administer benefits programs.

All provisions of this policy are subject to the language of the Social Security Number Privacy Act of the State ofMichigan.

Seems pretty simple, right?  It is also basically what is required by the law and it is such a straight forward policy that there is nothing much more to talk about.  So have a great day and next week we will wrap up Zo’s employee handbook.