Zo’s EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK PART VII. AND THAT’S IT! Or Two Policies in a single post.

In this very last installment of Zo’s employee handbook you get two policies for the price of one.  Well, not really two policies, but two pages for your handbook.  The first actually is a policy,  our solicitation and distribution of literature policy.  I know you are asking, do we really need this one?  Well we can argue about it one way or another, but I’m going to put it in anyway, just because.  So here you go, the last policy:




To prevent unnecessary interruption of workflow during hours of operation Zo’s limits solicitation and distribution of literature.  Solicitations by employees are prohibited during working time.  Distribution of literature of any kind by employees is prohibited in work areas.  Persons who are not employees of Zo’s are not allowed to be on company premises at any time for the purpose of engaging in either solicitation or distribution of literature, so if you see someone you don’t know walking around handing out leaflets let us know.

Breaks are not work time, so if you want to sell Girl Scout cookies for your daughter do it on your breaks and make sure the person you are pestering is on break too.  Break rooms are not work areas, so again, make sure you put the cookie order sheet in the break room, not at your desk.  If we find the order sheet where it does not belong, we will move it and we won’t buy any cookies.  By the way, if you pester people too much, we are going to make you stop.  So, See Rule 1.

And that is it.  Yep, that is the entire Zo’s employee handbook. Nothing more and nothing less.  What about the FMLA you say?   Zo’s is not big enough for FMLA but you might be.  Will you be surprised to learn that I can help you do that?  How about leaves of absence?  We will deal with them as they come along.  TheADAis going to be our guide in that regard anyway.  How about vacation?  Again, we are pretty small and this was always meant to be an example of a handbook for an employer just starting out.  What we are going to do at Zo’s is put PTO in each employee’s offer letter and move it to the handbook when we get enough employees for it to make sense.  But you might want to put that in now.  And I will tell you one more thing we are going to have that won’t be part of the handbook:  Everyone, and I mean everyone, is going to sign a confidentiality agreement.

So that is what Zo’s is going to do.  But don’t forget, that just might not work for you.  So here are some other things that you might want to consider:  Do you want a personal relationship policy?  (Back in the old days we called these fraternization policies!)  How about an attendance policy?  If so, are you going to have just a statement about attendance or do you think you might want to have some sort of point system?  Are you going to have some sort of a grievance procedure or open door policy?  Do you want to deal with things like breaks and meal periods and holiday pay?  Are you going to do drug tests?

So you see, there are some questions you still need to ask yourself and of course, I will be happy to help you work your way through these things.  And the answer to some of these questions may depend on how far along you are and how many employees you have.

But here at Zo’s, and we may add an additional policy here and there as we go,  this is what we are going to start with. “Can’t be,” you say!  “I just read an article from a ‘Mega Firm’ and they said I need a workplace violence policy!”  Ok, if you are a great big employer with hundreds of employees maybe you do.  But if you are not, do you need to tell people they can’t hit other people or threaten them, or bring a weapon to work? If you do, you better rethink your hiring practices.

I think we can always fall back on Rule 1: Be Professional.

But wait a second, You said in this installment I get two free policies in a single post.  I didn’t forget.  The last, very last thing we are going to give you is an acknowledgment form.  Here is what it says:


I acknowledge receiving the Zo’s Employee Handbook dated ___________, 2011.  I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to read and understand the policies in this Employee Handbook.  I understand and agree that my employment with Zo’s is at-will and that nothing contained in the Employee Handbook is intended to nor does it alter the at-will nature of my employment.  I agree that this Handbook is not a contract of employment.

I understand and agree that Zo’s reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change, revise or discontinue any of the policies contained in this handbook at any time, with or without notice.  Zo’s will make every attempt to notify you of any changes to its policies as soon as possible, but the effect of any such change is not dependent on you receiving actual notice of the change.


Employee                                                                                 Date