Don’t Forget to Post the NLRB Poster

Special Thanks to Tara Kennedy for drafting this reminder.  Read more about Tara here.

By April 30, 2012, all employers covered by National Labor Relations Act must post a notice in the workplace to explain to employees their rights under the NLRA. If you are wondering whether the NLRA applies to you, the answer is likely yes. The NLRA covers private employers who have an impact on interstate commerce including manufacturing plants, retail centers, private universities and health care facilities.

The poster rule takes effect after being postponed twice because of lawsuits questioning the National Labor Relation Board’s authority to require employers to post the poster. The first court to hear the challenge was a district court in the District of Columbia. The district court determined that the Board had the authority to require employers to post the poster. However, the court also determined that the Board overreached its authority by making failure to post the notice an unfair labor practice and by possibly extending the six-month statute of limitations period for filing the unfair labor practice allegation.

You can read more about the NLRB Poster rule here and here. You can find a link to the required poster here.