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More Minimum in Michigan

Sometimes when I do this thing I just write news.  I don’t try to be funny or entertaining, I just write the news.  The two or three of you that read this thing regularly know that I do that when something happens and I am just not that sure of how to make it funny or interesting and I feel like I need to write something about it.  Today is that day.

I know you have all read or seen or heard this by now, but I’m going to take a second, and I mean a second, to write about it anyway.  Michigan has raised its minimum wage.  The federal minimum wage stays the same (it was lower than Michigan’s anyway), but the state minimum wage is going up.  On May 27 the Legislature passed and Governor Snyder signed legislation that will, over the next 4 years, raise Michigan’s minimum wage to $9.25 per hour.  In addition, tipped workers will also get a bump in their minimum up from the current $2.65 to $3.52 per hour – something the Legislature forgot to deal with the last time they changed the minimum.

Finally, the new bill will index the minimum wage to inflation starting in 2019.  Depending on the rate of inflation in a given year, the minimum may go up by as much as 3.5%.

So, Steve, you just said the federal minimum wage stays the same.  Which one do I have to pay if I have employees in Michigan?  You have to pay the higher one.  Want to read more about that, here you go.