A definition. . . Who is a health care provider?

Way back when, when we were talking about what a “serious health condition” is we talked a lot about health care providers.  Remember, go back and look here, and here,  (and some other places too!).  So now, weeks and weeks later, I am finally going to tell you who a health care provider is.

A health care provider is an MD, a DO, and anybody else the Secretary of Labor says is a health care provider like a podiatrist, dentist, clinical psychologist, optometrist and even a chiropractor (but only for manual manipulation of the spine).  Then we can throw in nurse practitioners, nurse-midwives, clinical social workers and physicians’ assistants who are authorized by state law and practicing within the scope of the state laws, and finally Christian Science Practitioners listed with the First Church of Christ, Scientists in Boston.

There are some others, but probably the most notable is any health care provider that the company insurance plan recognizes as a health care provider by accepting certification of the existence of a serious health condition to substantiate a claim for benefits.

If you want to see the full regulation go to 29 CFR §825.125.