COVID-19. What Employers Can do Now – Part 4.

None of you are going to be surprised that everybody is publishing something about what is going on with COVID-19. I thought I would take a second to put everything we at good old WN+J have done, from employment information, to benefits information and even some tax and insurance information. So here we go:

COVID-19: Important Employee Benefit Considerations
HR 6201 – The Impact to Employers and Employees
HR 6201 to Create Tax Credits to Help Employers Amid COVID-19 Crisis
Coronavirus: Insurance Coverage for Business-Related Losses? 12
Federal Agencies Issue COVID-19 Guidance and Resources to Assist Employers and Employees
Responding to the Threat of COVID-19 in Your Workforce

So that should be everything we have published so far. Like everything else in this weird time we are living, these things will be changing fast, so I will try to keep this as up to date as I can.